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1. Pre-Screening 

The marketing head of the UAAP member schools will determine the top thirty (30) entries regardless of the number of entries for the preliminary judging. 

All participants will receive a thank you letter.

2. Preliminary Judging 

The Board of Judges is composed of respected industry practitioners from top brands, advertising agencies, marketing, and president of the council of marketing educators.

From the top thirty (30) pre-screened entries, the Board of Judges will choose the top fifteen (15) entries to qualify for the final judging. 

The scores for the thirty (30) entries based on the criteria will start on zero (0).   

3. Final Judging

Another round of judging of the top fifteen (15) entries from the Preliminary Judging result.        The scores for the top fifteen (15) entries based on the criteria will be back to 0. Only the top ten (10) entries are considered finalists. 

The top three (3) entries will be the winners from the top ten finalists.  

Deliberation on the entry with the highest/final score before the announcement of the grand winner (the best entry) will be done if necessary or if there is a disagreement among the Board of Judges on the result of the First Placer.  

Top Three (3) Entries

Ranking based on the total final scores in the final judging 

1. Grand Winner

First in rank and with the highest total final scores of the Board of Judges and deliberation

2. 2nd Place

Second in rank based on the total final scores of the Board of Judges and deliberation

3. 3rd Place

Third in rank based on the total final scores of the Board of Judges and deliberation

Announcement of Winners:  December 3, 2021 (Friday)

The decision of the Board of Judges is FINAL.

The winners will be informed through telephone call from UAAP Secretariat and email/letter from the UAAP Executive Director

Awarding Ceremony

Awarding of prizes to the winners shall be on December 15, 2021 (Wednesday)

Grand Winner (Best Entry) will receive One Hundred Thousand Pesos (PhP100,000.00) cash prize, trophy, and certificate.


  • Soft copy should be in Adobe Photoshop (.psd) or Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format 
  • A JPEG (.jpeg) file should also be included for every design
  • Resolution for the soft copy should be saved at 300 to 400 ppi (pixel per inch)
  • File should look clean (not pixelated or bit-mapped) when viewed on-screen at 100%
  • Image mode in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/Black) 
  • The design is in ANY DIMENSION with 0.125-inch bleed on each side 
  • Entries should not be submitted in compressed or self–extracting formats
  • The design should not be imprinted or watermarked
  • The filename should consist of Last Name, First Name, and File Type


      Santos, Tomas.psd                                    
      Santos, Tomas.jpg

  • All design entries must be in digital format and be officially submitted to the UAAP Team / Secretariat via
  • Proposed logo design should include the name of UAAP
  • Participant represents and warrants that the submitted design is his/her ORIGINAL work
  • Attach a brief description of the logo design (Logo Design Brief) and the format requirements are the following: should not be less than 100 and should not exceed 200 words, Arial, 12 points, 1.5 spacing and justified 
  • Entries submitted through any other mode/medium would not be considered in the judging